Let’s Unleash our Glamorous Beauty and Power Together, Naturally.

Bella Kinks further stretches its commitment to a wholistic lifestyle through hosting educational seminars quarterly that implements the “each one, teach one” model. As a lifestyle brand, through e-commerce, Bella Kinks partners with beauty product lines that follow the tradition of organic or handmade to best serve their target market.

Ultimately, Bella Kinks is a lifestyle choice. As a brand it wants to challenge not only how you define beauty but also how to accept the true natural beauty that is within you.


Conceived for the promotion and awareness of the transcendent beauty of natural hair, the transformative impact of an organic diet, and the tranquil benefits of exercise for women of color. Bella Kinks exists to motivate women for action while embracing their authentic beauty. Sharing knowledge and resources of such a lifestyle is the cornerstone of how Bella Kinks strengthens its mission.


About The Founder

Julian Addo

Julian Addo launched Bella Kinks Inc. in 2012 to fill a void in the natural hair movement. There seemed to be a lacking of community among those that had either did “the big chop” or that had made the decision to slowly start to embrace their natural curls.

Never one to sit idle, Julian seized the opportunity to create a lifestyle brand that would foster sisterhood among naturalistas. She desired for Bella Kinks to provide resources and produce events for other women who wanted to fully explore the journey back to their natural roots.

Since forming Bella Kinks Inc., Julian has been able to create and facilitate over 100+ natural hair events all across the country.

The Bella Kinks Annual Expo has become the hallmark event for the brand.

Julian’s goal with the expo is to highlight the rich culture and the beautiful natural hair community that spreads all over North Texas and surrounding areas. Each year the lineup is pretty amazing but she promises to make the expo better with each passing year.